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Ресторан в Подмосковье Ресторан в Подмосковье Ресторан в Подмосковье Ресторан в Подмосковье Ресторан в Подмосковье

Dear guests! At The Luzhki Restaurant we have a DRESS CODE.

You are kindly requested to refrain from visiting the Restaurant in a SPORTSWEAR.

The Dress Code equally applies to the smallest guests of the Restaurant.


A restaurant in the country really may both surprise, and please the clients. As a rule, there are much more services here as compared to a usual urban establishment of this kind. Creative and fantasy inspiration of the restaurateur is not limited by a closed space, therefore frequently restaurants in the open country in Moscow suburbs offer clients not only gastronomic specialities, but also enchanting entertainments.

“Obligatory Program”

Rare country restaurant in Moscow suburbs does without shashliks. Meat and fish dishes prepared on wood-fired grill are customary practice here. Besides, a certain tradition of an outdoor dinner or supper has been developed. As a rule, restaurateurs offer to their clients:

  • steaks;
  • shashliks;
  • cold beer;
  • hot mulled wine.

It is so-called “obligatory program” of an open-country restaurant in Moscow suburbs which may be diversified by the owner of the establishment. Some of them collect rare wines, stirring imagination of clients by the richest wine card. Others exercise the wit in design, forcing guests to eat in bamboo huts in the middle of a pond. Sometimes guests swim in artificial clouds of smoke.

And still special effects are not the main thing for an open-country restaurant in Moscow suburbs. Nothing compares to the charm of a supper amidst soft rustle of green foliage.

The Luzhki Club Restaurant

The most known restaurant of Moscow suburbs is located in the territory of our LUZHKI.club. It is distinguished by special intelligence of the environment. It is enough to say that classical motives predominate in the restaurant design and they are in an original way complemented by modernist style elements.

The cuisine of our restaurant is famous for refinement and dazzling decoration of dishes. Our professionals offer guests a versatile menu from:

  • Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Italian cuisine;
  • Russian cuisine.

The chief cook of our club uses only fresh and natural products as the main principle of operation of Luzhki.club is a healthy rest and, accordingly, a healthy food.

Certainly, an open-country restaurant in Moscow suburbs implies a variety of the entertaining program options. We offer our guests background music during the meals and original special effects. Besides, according to the clients’ will our personnel may provide for a full “fusion with the nature” by organising a gala dinner in a tent on the bank of the Istra river. The tent will be decorated with every possible elegance.

You will remember summer evening in our club not only due to tasty viands, but also due to a benevolent atmosphere and affability of our personnel.

An elegant The Luzhki Restaurant is harmoniously located in the heart of LUZHKI.club. The restaurant ambience is refined and cosy.

In The Luzhki Restaurant surprising elegance combines with thin elements of classic and modern styles. You may experience this mood only during a personal visit of the restaurant.

It is always uneasy to choose here: whether to settle in the lobby bar at small tables and in soft cosy armchairs to observe the life outside the window, or to prefer more intimate rooms in order to plunge into own thoughts.

The Outdoor Luzhki Club Restaurant

In summer the restaurant opens a veranda which is a favourite recreation area of regular guests.

The Luzhki Restaurant cuisine is versatile, it fully matches the interior mood of freshness. A light fragrant menu offers favourite dishes of the Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean cuisines, as well as proprietary hits of the chief cook Sergey Lyubarets. The wine card of the restaurant strikes by its variety.

The Luzhki Restaurant is an establishment with its own traditions and regular customers. You may hold a business meeting, have dinner with your friends or relatives, or arrange for a romantic party.